CPG Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturers and Distributors can completely automate their deductions and chargeback processing, reducing costs by 80% or more, and speed up processing by 30X, and reducing invalid deductions by 10% or more.

Sound to good to be true?


Our Solution

iNymbus helps  consumer product goods manufacturers and distributors attack the ever-increasing problem of retailer deductions and chargebacks, taking an inordinate amount of manpower and time to process, while eating into revenue and profits with invalid deductions.



  • Innovative receivables leadership
  • Game changing technology
  • Personalized customer service

Learn how Warner Brothers saved over 80% on chargeback and deductions processing costs.

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iNymbus DeductionsXchange resolves and disputes deductions and chargebacks automatically, while increasing speed and efficiency by 30X. DeductionsXchange introduces cloud robotic automation for uploading denied claim packets to retail vendor portals and submitting disputes on the customer’s behalf. Not only are processing costs reduced dramatically via elimination of manual labor, companies can take back revenue from previously invalid and undisputed chargebacks and deductions.