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Retailer Shipper Claims Chargebacks

Automate your Retailer Deductions

iNymbus automatically resolves and disputes customer deductions and chargebacks using RPA technology at 1/6th the cost and 30x faster than manual methods.


Who Is iNymbus Deductions Management Software For?

Suppliers, Manufacturers, and Distributors Who:

  • Sell products or ship to a variety of retail partners
  • Leverage a seamless blend of ERP systems and streamlined internal processes
  • Want to:
    • Cut down on countless hours of labor
    • Achieve significant cost reduction of 80% or more.
    • Reclaim revenue lost by capturing 100% of deductions.
    • Enhance speed and efficiency by 30%
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How Our Deduction Management System Works

Our specialized Robotic Process Automation (RPA) system efficiently handles denied claim packets, uploading them to the portals of retail vendors or shipper carriers. It also takes charge of submitting disputes on behalf of our customers. By eliminating the need for manual labor, not only do we dramatically reduce processing costs, but we also enable companies to reclaim revenue from previously overlooked and uncontested claims made by retailers and shippers, such as shortages, chargebacks, returns, and pricing discrepancies.

iNymbus Benefits

Streamline your accounts receivable deductions processes with the power of iNymbus DX. Empower your credit and collections team with our cutting-edge RPAtechnology, which effortlessly resolves claims 30 times faster and at a fraction of the cost compared to manual methods.

FREE Deductions/Chargeback Audit
Ready to learn more about how iNymbus uses cloud robotic automation to resolve and dispute various retailer and shipper claims?  Get a complimentary Deductions/Chargeback Audit which will include an overall ROI for implementation of DeductionsXchange. 

Case Studies

costco and walmart deduction case study
Featured Resource

National eGame Distributor Recovers Lost Revenue from Walmart & Costco

A large full-service and leading video game and accessories distributor found Walmart and Costco particularly problematic when it came to shortage and returns claims. With the help of iNymbus robots, they are now able to automatically pull and gather all claims documents, group them into a single PDF for A/R review, and submit to Walmart and Costco directly through their portals.
Walmart case study
Featured Resource

Two Distributors Fought Walmart Deduction Claims With Automation and Won!

Walmart is constantly taking back money from vendor invoices, and for suppliers or distributors, this could equate to thousands of claims a month. In this case study we look at two distributors that leveraged automation to battle Walmart claims.

  • Learn how a video game distributor 2 years behind in claims processing, caught up in weeks!
  • Also, learn how an apparel distributor saved 400+ manpower hours quarterly with retailer claims automation!
  • Both distributors are now painlessly managing Walmart's claims and processing up to 1,500 a month!
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Book Distributor case study
Featured Resource

A book distributor fights Amazon chargebacks with automation and wins!

iNymbus is a service provider that automatically resolves and disputes chargebacks for you.

  • In about 90 days, a book distributor implemented cloud-robotic processing and brought their chargebacks to ZERO.
  • They are now current on their Amazon chargebacks for the first time EVER.
  • The cost was minimal compared to the manpower costs and mental fatigue surrounding in-house manual retailer chargeback processing.
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D&H case study

D&H Distributing uses robotic automation processing against freight claims to save time, reduce incoming claims, and re-allocate resources!

Q: Before you had automation to process claims from shippers like FedEx and UPS, what was the day-to-day or triggering event that made you say, “You know, maybe there’s a better way?”

Tony Warfield: You may have heard of a company called Walmart. Obviously the volumes are incredibly high with the number of suppliers they have, and they are incredibly complex. They would email us these freight issues, and we would basically take data from the email, typing into one system, inputting into another system, and typing into another system. We started looking for some sort of simple, automated solution to manage the kind of repetitive nature of claims processing.

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Warner Bros case study
Featured Resource

Warner Bros. Reduced Retailer Claims Processing Costs by 80%

Warner Bros. struggled with their retail partners' different portals, from navigation to data and documents required, to the compilation order of the documents necessary for each claim package. The time and monies involved in accomplishing processing retailer claims manually showed that it usually took a very motivated and trained resource between 5 to 8 minutes to organize a claim and 5 to 7 minutes to upload a claim into the portal. That's a total of 1 to 15 minutes per claim.

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Gears inymbus homepage

I wasn't even aware there was a solution like iNymbus. Our issues are volume related - we ship directly to stores. Onboarding took about 2 weeks once we provided the data pieces need to process the deduction claims. They get everything done so quickly. iNymbus pumps out the whole month, over 1,000 claims, in less than a week. We have found that our claims are 99% recoverable and are mostly taken in error.

Elaine Brockopp - Accounts Receivable Manager, U&I Entertainment
testimonial 1

Walmart changed something in their process or system, and we couldn't keep up. All we were doing was plugging holes, now iNymbus plugs them automatically. It gives our staff the ability to figure out where those holes are coming from in the first place. iNymbus is our knight in shining armor that says, "Not so fast Amazon. We've got our own little robot army and we are going to fight you each step of the way."

Tony Warfield - VP of Credit Services, D&H Distributing
testimonial 3

We were on a settlement basis with Walmart, but eventually they stopped making good offers. In order to increase refunds, we were going to have to start disputing every claim. It would take eight minutes for each claim to process the dispute and we didn't have that kind of time or that many people. We got on the phone with iNymbus and in less than 3 weeks we were up and running. Immediately we had disputed thousands of claims and we have seen extreme differences in pay backs.

Rebecca Cassel - Distributor
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