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Freight Claim Management Issues

Processing Invalid Shipping & Freight Claims

iNymbus is a company known for helping manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers resolve and dispute retailer and shipper claims. We help organizations dramatically decrease labor costs while taking back revenue from invalid and undisputed claims, such as shortages, returns, and chargebacks.

outsource freight claims management

Managing freight claims can typically be a manual, frustrating task that wastes valuable human capital. Freight claim management can be a long, tedious affair that requires numerous steps and repetitive functions. In 2011, we decided to design a product using robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence to help solve freight claim problems. Using automated solutions, we’ve created technology specifically designed to minimize shipping carrier claims such as shortages, damages, and loss.

At iNymbus, we’re able to resolve and dispute invalid shipper & freight claims through RPA automatically as a service for our clients. We reduce labor costs while increasing the speed and efficiency of processing claims.

Manual Freight Claim Management Problems

A Real World Example of Freight Claims Struggles

A real-life situation involving a Credit Research Manager from D&H Distributing can help us understand the nuances of traditional processing. As their accounts receivable processer began to file a claim, he navigated through various systems and had difficulties tracking down data from suppliers and shipping companies. He had to use three programs simultaneously — none of which would function together as one.

D&H Distributing Eliminates Their Shipper Claims Problem

Many large shipping companies use confusing interfaces that regularly change in design. UPS recently underwent a website overhaul that required several hours of retraining for users. Getting various systems to connect seamlessly requires constant maneuvering between tracking and shipping portals.

In the webinar below, we cover how technology can be used to process more than 25,000 shipping claims per day and how freight claim struggles can be permanently solved through automation.

Attaching required documentation is another hassle that involves uploading pickup records, package photos, serial numbers, and more. You’ll also need to find copies of original invoices, receipts, and proof of delivery or payment. After performing each step, you’re expected to wait for a follow-up and hope the carrier responds in a timely manner. This illustrates just some of the problems that commonly plague manual freight claim processing.  

Prior to engaging with iNymbus, our customer D&H Distributing was experiencing 3,000+ freight claims per month. They were unable to process claims efficiently, causing denials from the original supplier. D&H attempted to hire additional staff to address these issues, but it only produced marginal improvements. After researching various full-service A/R and custom solutions, they were almost out of options — until they discovered iNymbus.

Solving Freight Claims Problems

iNymbus Can Automate Shipping Carrier Processing

iNymbus uses robotic technology to process claims in a simple, easy-to-use manner. With specialized robotic automation, iNymbus was designed to eliminate claims processing headaches freight carriers commonly cause for credit and collection departments.

Download Shipping Carrier Freight Claims PDF

D&H praised iNymbus for its ability to solve problems relegated to traditional freight claims. Using the iNymbus service, they were able to determine the validity of claims using specially designed algorithms for freight claims. 

iNymbus designed customized A/R robots to streamline D&H’s freight claims. The Robotic Process Automation used by iNymbus was created with three main goals in mind:

  • Freight Claims Management SoftwareAutomation of business interactions through the repetition of actions traditionally performed by humans. iNymbus service reviews, validates, and inputs data from shipping companies such as FedEx and UPS.
  • Identifies departments best suited for robotics automation and implementing new business processes as needed.
  • Gathers information to determine robot integration points and best solutions.


Processing freight carrier claims can be costly to perform. iNymbus robotic automation service was designed to resolve, dispute, and submit claims at lightning speed. iNymbus can create robots specifically designed to meet the needs of any organization.

At iNymbus, we schedule a robotic processing solutions demo and implement cloud services geared towards individual business process needs. When it comes to A/R processing, industry knowledge is the key to success. iNymbus has A/R industry experts and creates robots specifically designed to automatically handle A/R problems, including all variations of retailer and shipper claims. 

Download Amazon Case Study PDF D&H Distributing Eliminates Their Chargeback Problem

Automated Freight Claims Management Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How long will it take my business to implement robotic processing?

Answer: It will take anywhere from three weeks to two months for full implementation. We start by documenting your current procedures and identify where critical data can be found. Next, we speak with your IT team and set up our services robots that interact with carrier portals to obtain additional information. We then determine the validity of claims and help implement procedures to improve your processing systems.

Question: Does the IT department need to be involved with their company when working with iNymbus?

Answer: Since the IT department is involved with data retrieval, we need their help in implementing simple APIs with your A/R system. The IT team will provide a secure method of exchanging data files with iNymbus. In total, we estimate that the IT department’s help will be needed for eight hours or less. 

Question: How do you automate processes that deal with several different shipping companies and retailers? Do you encounter any issues along the way?

Answer: Many large shipping companies do not have very user-friendly portals. Other companies strictly communicate via email. Our robotics functions do the dirty work and alleviate headaches for customers. We occasionally experience hiccups along the way, but we attempt to solve problems in an expeditious manner.

Question: What type of savings can you expect from robot implementation for shipping claims?

Answer: Our robots work at speeds 30 times faster than human beings. The robots can resolve, dispute, and submit thousands of claims per day. We calculate savings based on the volumes in your company.  

Question: How does your billing process work?

Answer: Our billing process is purely based on transactions. Robots operate at a highly efficient volume. We offer discounts based on the number of transactions that we manage, as a service, on an annual basis. If you would like more information on how our robotic systems are helping companies handle A/R problems, please contact us for additional information. We’ll be sure to send you one of several case studies featuring techniques used for various A/R related issues. Also, be sure to read our Chargeback & Deductions Resource Guide for further information.

Solve Freight Claims Processing Issues

We started looking for a solution. In fact, we went to RVCF to look for solutions. At RVCF, we met with iNymbus and requested a product demo. After the Demo, our CFO was ready to sign at the show, due to our deductions processing issues. We absolutely LOVE iNymbus! Great team, great product. Super-fast implementation.

Rebecca Cassel Distributor

We went with iNymbus because of efficiencies. When you have to communicate with your customers, the big ones have portals, and to communicate and to stay efficient you have to put automated processes in place. These are high volume transaction companies, and everything has now gone back to a transaction level dispute (transaction by transaction) thanks to iNymbus.

iNymbus Customer Manufacturer

Contact iNymbus for a Demo!

See the iNymbus software in action disputing and resolving chargebacks for our clients. Find out if your deductions and chargebacks are at the volume and dollar amount where dispute and resolution automation will pay back in spades. Hint: They usually are.