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Using RPA To Improve Employee Engagement: Unique Solutions to Automate Retailer Chargebacks & Deductions

Date - Dec 08, 2023

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is widely used across many industries. It helps solve problems quickly and efficiently. The webinar explores how robots can streamline the processing of retailer chargebacks and deductions. This complex issue involves working together among various business partners and departments.

Key Takeaways:

Spotting Problems:

Noticing the weaknesses of old methods and how RPA offers a better way.

RPA Benefits:

Understanding how RPA can save time and money for the company.

Automating Disputes:

Using RPA to automatically handle dispute resolution, freeing up workers for more high-value tasks.

Maximizing Claim Recovery:

Using smart strategies to get back as much money as possible from retailer claims.

Streamlining Shipping Claims Processing Through Automation

Date - Jul 29, 2019

Bigger suppliers shipping multiple units every day understand the challenges of managing UPS, FedEx, or other carrier freight claims. Manually collecting and inputting data into the carrier portal can be time-consuming, taking up to 15 minutes per claim. Join our webinar to discover how technology can efficiently handle over 25,000 shipping claims daily. Learn how automation can provide a lasting solution to your freight claim management challenges.

Key Takeaways:

Challenges of Manual Processing:

Understanding the difficulties of manual shipping claims processing and data entry.

How Automation Helps:

Boosting processing capacity to 100s of claims per day for improved operational efficiency.

Sustainable Solutions:

Implementing automation for long-term freight claim management and error reduction.

Improved Customer Service:

Enhancing satisfaction through faster resolutions and improved communication.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday: Make Returns Variance Processing Go Away!

Date - Jul 29, 2019

Learn how to handle the tough times that suppliers' and manufacturers' A/R departments face during the busy fourth quarter, especially during the super-busy Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Find out about the high volume of returned stuff and how long it takes to verify returns with retailers. Let iNymbus show you the quick way to calculate differences in returns and speed up fixing problems, saving time and making the holiday season less stressful.

Key Takeaways:

Seasonal A/R Challenges

Understanding the difficulties in the fourth quarter, especially when there are lots of sales.

Automated Returns Processing:

Seeing how iNymbus can solve thousands of returns really fast.

Efficiency and Time Savings

Learning how automated processing helps handle busy holiday times.

Enhanced Accuracy

iNymbus makes sure return variance calculations are accurate, so you don't lose money.

Vendor Returns Processing: Put Amazon Back in Their Corner

Date - Jul 19, 2024

Find out how companies that sell on Amazon can make handling returns processing easier, avoiding the hassle of dealing with Amazon Returns. Join our session to learn about the problems of spending too much time sorting out returns, which can make employees unhappy and workflows slow. Discover how to stay on top of Amazon's rules and make your returns process strategy better within just twenty minutes.

Key Takeaways:

Dealing with Returns Problems:

Find out why dealing with Amazon Returns manually is slow and causing dissatisfaction for employees.

Efficient Strategies

Learning how to optimize processes and tech to manage Amazon Returns.

Beating the Competition:

Leveraging advanced strategies to surpass Amazon's demands and excel online.

Automation Benefits

See how using automation saves time, boosts productivity, and improves satisfaction.

Exploring the Top 6 Benefits of Robotics in Deductions

Date - Jul 19, 2024

Join this session to learn about the main benefits of using Robotics Process Automation (RPA) for deductions and chargebacks. Find out how this can make interactions between multiple business partners and departments smoother.

Key Takeaways:

Enhanced Efficiency

Discover how RPA makes the deductions process quicker and saves time.

Reduced Errors

Understand how RPA minimizes errors, ensuring accuracy in deduction and chargeback handling.

Data Analysis

RPA enables insightful data analysis, boosting operational efficiency through informed decision-making.

Resource Optimization

RPA optimizes resource allocation, maximizing human resource utilization in critical areas.

Unveiling Time & Cost Benefits of Robotics in Amazon Deductions Processing

Date - Jul 19, 2024

Join our webinar to learn about the time and money-saving benefits of using robotics to handle Amazon deductions and chargebacks. We'll dive into the challenges of dealing with lots of deductions and chargebacks from Amazon invoices and purchase orders, which can be tough for A/R departments. Find out how robotics can help, make things run smoothly and quickly.

Key Takeaways:

Amazon Deductions Complexity

Managing high-volume deductions and chargebacks at invoice and PO levels.

Time Savings with Robotics

Making it easier and faster to deal with Amazon's problems using robotics.

Cost Efficiency Advantages

Finding out how using robotics to manage Amazon deductions can save money.

Error Reduction

Robotics makes sure deductions are handled right, making things work better.

Automating Shipping Carrier Freight Claims Processing

Date - Jul 19, 2024

Discover how to make the tough job of dealing with shipping carrier freight claims easier by using automation. Learn how technology can handle 100s of claims every day, saving time and making things less frustrating.

Key Takeaways:

Manual Processing Challenges

Understanding why dealing with shipping carrier freight claims manually takes a long time.

Automation Benefits

Learn how using automation makes it easier to handle lots of claims, saving time and effort.

Efficiency Improvement

Using automation to make operations run smoother and make the task easier.

Enhanced Accuracy

Making sure claims are handled accurately, with fewer errors, even when there is high volume.