What Do Our Clients Say?

"The implementation process has been flawless!"

I wasn’t looking for a solution to our deductions processing problem. I wasn’t even aware there was a solution like DeductionsXchange. Our issues are volume related — we ship direct to stores. We manage thousands of shipments and thousands of invoices.

During implementation, we included I.T. as I.T. has access to the data that DeductionsXchange needs to process the claims. We worked together to get the data to DeductionsXchange. Implementation went smoothly. It took about two (2) weeks, once we provided the data pieces needed to process the deductions.

We process our deductions on a monthly basis. Once we close our month, we provide documentation to DeductionsXchange. DeductionsXchange pumps out the whole month, over 1,000 claims, in less than a week. We have found that our claims are 99% recoverable and are mostly taken in error.

iNymbus has great people and are very easy to work with. They get everything done so quickly. They take one more thing off your plate and allow us the bandwidth to manage other areas of our business at a higher level. We are much more productive stepping away from $8 and $16 claims. I love working with iNymbus. 

The implementation process has been flawless!  Better than any expectations I may have had. Looking forward to sending more claims your way!

Elaine Brockopp, Accounts Receivable Manager
U&I Entertainment, Minneapolis, Minnesota

October 2017

"I absolutely LOVE iNymbus! Great team, great product. Super-fast implementation."

We were on a settlement basis with Walmart for quite a few years and settled on quarterly basis. This worked alright for awhile. Eventually Walmart stopped making good offers on settlements. We realized that in order to increase refunds, we were going to have to start disputing every claim. We quickly found out it would take eight minutes a piece for each and every claim to process the dispute. And we didn’t have that kind of time or that many people.

 We started looking for a solution. In fact, we went to RVCF to look for solutions. At RVCF, we met with iNymbus and requested a product demo. After the Demo, our CFO was ready to sign at the show, due to our deductions processing issues.

We use HighRadius  to manage our receivables. Deductions Xchange works really well with HighRadius and pulls everything we need to process deductions directly out of the system and goes out to the Walmart software and disputes it for us.

The implementation was just unbelievable. We were on the phone with iNymbus for less than three (3) hours. In less than three (3) weeks we were up and running. And, immediately we had disputed thousands of claims. We have seen extreme differences in pay backs.

Also, we went from a staff of eight (8) employees down to three (3) employees and have taken on three (3) additional departments. We encouraged our team to move onto new opportunities within the company.

I cannot think of any way iNymbus could have made implementation any easier for us. Ongoing customer service is great too. If we have any issues, iNymbus is on the phone right away.

I absolutely LOVE iNymbus! Great team, great product. Super-fast implementation.

Rebecca Cassel

Distributor, September 2017

"DeductionsXchange automatically talks to my systems, gets the data that is required, and uploads to the portals including Walmart, Target and Amazon."

We implemented DeductionsXchange because of efficiencies. When you have to communicate with your customers, the big ones have portals, and to communicate and to stay efficient you have to put automated processes in place. These are high volume transaction companies, and everything has now gone back to a transaction level dispute (transaction by transaction).

 When you ship to Walmart, there are thousands and thousands of invoices and shipments. We ship at a store level and a distribution center level. We could have 26 shipments, to 4,000 stores with thousands of deliveries, orders, invoices and disputes. 

 INymbus DeductionsXchange is really good at is talking to my vendors’ portals. DeductionsXchange automatically talks to my systems, gets the data that is required and uploads to the portals including Walmart, Target and Amazon. And even though we have outsourced much of our back office, implementing DeductionsXchange automation was still very beneficial simply due to outsourced vendor training issues and outsourced vendor employee turnover. Less people touching deductions is better.

 Implementation was really easy. It is important that it is a cloud-based system. DeductionsXchange didn’t care how our data looked. Their system took it in a file, just as we gave it to them. DeductionsXchange takes any type of input file or data and then iNymbus set up the deductions process for us. It is much easier than us having to figure out vendor systems. iNymbus knows their stuff!


September 2017