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iNymbus Hosting Webinar with Supplier Community on Automating Deduction Processing

SANTA MONICA, CA (PR WEB), MAY 14, 2019 iNymbus is proud to be hosting a webinar session with Supplier Community, “Why Manpower and Systems Won’t Solve Your Chargeback and Deduction Problem.” iNymbus is excited to host a free webinar session with Supplier Community, a resource center for suppliers, entitled “Why Manpower and Systems Won’t Solve Your Chargeback and Deductions Problem.”

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iNymbus to Host May 15 RVCF Webinar Amazon Vendor Return Processing

iNymbus is pleased to present a 20-minute webinar event for RVCF, entitled “Vendor Returns Processing: Put Amazon Back in Their Corner.” The iNymbus session will target manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers who sell large quantities of items on Amazon. It will address the time consuming nature of manually processing Amazon returns due to the requirement of providing return reconciliations for…

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Walmart Distributors Catch Up On Years Of Deduction Claim Backlog Using Automation, and Continue To Process Up To 1,500 Deductions A Month

iNymbus today released a special case study for Walmart Suppliers and Distributors entitled ‘Stop Battling Walmart Deductions, Start Increasing Your Profits’, describing the issues with the Walmart deduction dispute process and detailing how multiple distributors overcame mountains of deductions using cloud robotic automation. From the resources it takes to handle the sheer volume, to the lost profits in unrecovered claims, Walmart deductions have long posed a…

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iNymbus Top Blog Posts of 2018: Chargebacks and Deductions News and Analysis

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Jan. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- From the frustration and challenges of manually processing chargebacks and deductions to tips and tricks on how to beat the likes of large retailers and shipping companies at their own game, and everything in between, iNymbus covered a lot in 2018. And now, a look back at the Favorite Five Chargebacks and Deductions blog posts of 2018 that garnered the most…

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iNymbus to Host Session at #RVCF2018 on Best Practices of Robotic Processing of Deductions

The iNymbus session will address how many businesses have implemented cloud robotic automation to their benefit and with great success. Attendees will learn the best practices refined by iNymbus in the last four years of using robotics to dispute and resolve deductions and chargebacks, and how the technology can be used to process up to 500 deductions or freight claims a day. The panel session will answer questions such as…

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