Amazon Chargebacks and How to Cut Processing Costs

SANTA MONICA, CA (PRWEB), September 10, 2018 iNymbus today released a Case Study for Amazon Vendors detailing how a large book distributor was able to cut chargeback and deduction processing costs by 80%. iNymbus today released a Case Study for Amazon Vendors entitled...

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iNymbus Hires VP Sales & Marketing Kim Motika

On October, 1, 2016, iNymbus added to their core executive team, Kim Motika, VP Sales and Marketing. Ms. Motika has an extensive background in channel sales and distribution and plans widespread awareness and targeting around the iNymbus core product,...

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iNymbus DeductionsXchange resolves and disputes deductions and chargebacks automatically, while increasing speed and efficiency by 30X. DeductionsXchange introduces cloud robotic automation for uploading denied claim packets to retail vendor portals and submitting disputes on the customer’s behalf. Not only are processing costs reduced dramatically via elimination of manual labor, companies can take back revenue from previously invalid and undisputed chargebacks and deductions.